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Tanzanian Wildlife Statistics. Source: Ministry for Natural Resources and Tourism


(1837 KB)

Extending the hunting season?

African Hunting Gazette 2015


HG 20.4 US TEXT REPRO PDF.pdf (5462 KB)

Handbook on Wildlife Management Areas


HandbookWMA.pdf (7374 KB)

EIA: Criminality, Corruption and the Devastation of Tanzania's Elephants


EIA_Tanzanian_Ivory_report_2014.pdf (1874 KB)

List Tanzania Wildlife Discussion Papers

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24. Masunzu, C. (1998) Assessment of Crop Damage and Application of Non-Lethal Deterrents for Crop-Protection East of Selous Game Reserve.

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45. Rustagi, D. (2005) What the Kidunda Dam will Destroy: Ecological and Socio-economic Value of Gonabis, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. With a Foreword by Rolf D. Baldus

Electronically available Discussion Papers can be downloaded from: http://www.wildlife-baldus.com/selous_game.html

These papers were published by the Selous Conservation Programme/GTZ Wildlife Programme in Tanzania between 1987 and 2005

External Links:

Wildlife Conservation in Tanganyika under German Colonial Rule

by Dr. Rolf D. Baldus


Wildlife Conservation in Tanganyika.pdf (203 KB)

Serengeti Straßenprojekt

mit freundlicher Genehmigung
der 'afrika post'


ap_3-10_S68-69.pdf (235 KB)

Tanzania lion status


Tanzania lion Conservation Status.pdf (3876 KB)

Elephants 1920 to 1976

Download Rodgers_Lobo Elephant.pdf (6689 KB)

Panel of Experts-Report for CITES CoP 15, March 2010

Download CITES POE Tanzania.pdf (106 KB)

TZ new Wildlife Act

Download E-INFO-GOT-Wildlife_Act_2009.pdf (7650 KB)

WMA Evaluation

Download WMA_Assessment_and_Evaluation.pdf (843 KB)

Norwegian Project Evaluation
Download Eirik Jansen MNRP Report 2009.pdf (392 KB)

Tansania Elfenbeinverkauf

Download Tansania Elfenbeinverkauf.pdf (735 KB)


Download W_Policy.pdf (324 KB)

Wildschutz und Nationalparks in Tansania: der deutsche Beitrag
Download wildschutz_in_tz.pdf (124 KB)

World Bank TZ Natural Resources Study
Download world_bank_study.pdf (414 KB)

Wildlife Sector Brief by DPG
Download DPG Wildlife Sector Policy Brief.pdf (126 KB)

Forestry Sector Brief by DPG
Download DPG Forest Sector Policy Brief.pdf (134 KB)

CBC: Where are we now - Where are we going? 15 Years of CBC
By Rolf D. Baldus, David Th. Kaggi and Philbert M. Ngoti

Download cbc.pdf (2.358 KB)

Download nr_43.pdf (334 KB)

Download nr_38.pdf (260 KB)

Reference Manual for Implementing Guidelines for the Designation and Management of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Tanzania
Download ref_man_1.pdf (426 KB)

The legal environment for tourist
investments on village land outside
wildlife management areas

Download nr_36.pdf (241 KB)

Mwongozo wa kutenga na kuendesha Eneo
la Jumuiya la Hifadhi ya Wanyamapori
nchini Tanzania

Download ref_man_2.pdf (476 KB)

Procedures for communities to enter
into joint ventures in WMAs

Download nr_31.pdf (556 KB)

Experiences With Community Based Wildlife
Conservation In Tanzania

Download nr_29_1.pdf (275 KB)
Download nr_29_2.pdf (216 KB)
Download nr_29_3.pdf (335 KB)
Download nr_29_4.pdf (195 KB)

Download syw.pdf (256 KB)

Wildlife Conservation Under German
Colonial Rule

Download colonial.pdf (176 KB)

5th International Wildlife Ranching
Symposium, Pretoria
March 23rd 2001
Download R_Speech.pdf (111 KB)

Draft Policy Tourist Hunting 1995
Download Tanzani1.pdf (228 KB)

Tanzania Tourist Hunting Analysis
Download Tourist Hunting Part I.pdf (820 KB)
Download Tourist Hunting Part II.pdf (1480 KB)
Download Tourist Hunting Part III.pdf (1633 KB)


Download hunting_wma.pdf
(549 KB)

Miombo magazine No. 28
on hunting in Tanzania

Download Miombo_newsletter.pdf
(449 KB)

Wildlife Act of 1974
Download Wildlife Conservation Act Tanzania.pdf
(335 KB)

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